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The Pat Flynn Show

Sep 20, 2020

One of the greatest difficulties in life is the problem of suffering: why do we live in a world with so much nastiness, especially if our world is created by God who is the unrestricted absolute, all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-good? Furthermore, there is data in revelation pointing toward the real possibility of eternal separation from God – a definite, self-excluded state known traditionally as Hell. Finally, what is the role between God and sin; especially since we must affirm that God is the ultimate cause of everything else which exists? Does this also make God the cause of our sin, either directly or indirectly? These are serious questions, and they deserve a serious answer. That’s where Dr. Michael Torre comes in.

Dr. Michael Torre is a professional philosopher, religious convert from agnosticism, and has specialized on the issue of evil, providence, and human free will. In this episode Dr. Torre defends the general position of Maritain and Marin-Sola is showing how God is certainly not the cause (either directly or indirectly) of sin, against both Molinism and neo-Banezianism. This “3-lane highway” position, argues DR. Torre, is not only faithful to St. Thomas Aquinas, but helps us to maintain both divine innocence and God’s universality causality. Please enjoy!

Recommended Resources

Do Not Resist the Spirit's Call

Maritain's St. Thomas and the Problem of Evil, Existence and the Existent, and God and the Permission of Evil (search around for this one; it isn't on Amazon, unfortunately). 

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Learn more about Dr. Michael Torre here

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