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The Pat Flynn Show

Apr 27, 2019

Pat shares some details on his move to Wisconsin, along with some spoiler-free thoughts on the movie Endgame. 


Apr 24, 2019

Dan John returns once again to the Pat Flynn Show (in what might well become a regular, weekly segment) to discuss a wide range of topics.

In this episode, Pat and Dan discuss:

  • The value of fasting and fast mimicking diets
  • Minimal effective approaches to training for various life stages and circumstances
  • How Dan's...

Apr 22, 2019

Pat talks about what science is. Even more so, what science can tell us about the world, and what to make of the philosophy of "Scientism."


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How to Be Better at (Almost) Everything

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Apr 21, 2019

Pat continues reading through Mere Christianity and offering his commentary. In this segment, we finally run into C.S. Lewis's famous presentation of the Lord, Liar, Lunatic dilemma with respect to Jesus. Which one, we must ask, was he? 


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Apr 20, 2019

Pat takes questions from people on Instagram. 


How to Be Better at (Almost) Everything

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