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The Pat Flynn Show

Feb 17, 2019

Pat talks with Dr. Michael Rota, professor of philosophy at the University of St. Thomas, on one of the most controversial but intriguing arguments for the reasonableness of committing to a religious life: Pascal's Wager. Dr. Rota is the author of the book Taking Pascal's Wager: Faith, Evidence, and the Abundant Life, where he offers an updated formulation of the argument, responds to common objections, and  presents a case for the truth of the Christian faith.

About Dr. Michael Rota

From his website: "I’m a Professor of Philosophy at the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) and a Program Officer at the Templeton Religion Trust. In my recent book Taking Pascal’s Wager, I give an extended argument for the reasonableness and desirability of Christian commitment. From 2010-2016 Dean Zimmerman and I co-organized the St. Thomas Summer Seminars in Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology. I’m currently working with the sociologist Kevin Bales on a book on slavery and religion."

Recommended Reading and Resources

Taking Pascal's Wager: Faith, Evidence, and the Abundant Life - Dr. Michael Rota

The Problem of Evil - Peter Van Inwagen

Wandering In Darkness: Narrative and the Problem of Suffering - Eleanor Stump


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