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The Pat Flynn Show

Dec 31, 2020

What are some popular atheist slogans and how can they be answered? What dilemma does the atheist face regarding the PSR and problem of evil? How big is the tent in Catholicism when it comes to the doctrine of predestination? Should we affirm accounts defended by Fr. Domingo Banez or Jacques Maritain? Why does Pat lean toward Maritain? Why does John lean toward Banez? What are the potential problems with the different views? In this New Year’s eve edition of Office Hours, Pat and John discuss these issues and more.


  • What’s John’s book about and who will benefit from it?
  • How should we tackle the slogans related to science?
  • What if we burned all of the science and religious books?
  • How does Pat formulate his dilemma for atheists regarding the Problem of Evil and the PSR?
  • What if the atheist claims theists have brute facts too?
  • What if the atheist says he’s merely doing an internal critique of the theistic worldview?
  • How can Catholics think about the doctrine of predestination?
  • Why does Pat prefer Maritain’s view?
  • Why does John prefer the Banezian view?