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The Pat Flynn Show

Nov 23, 2018

Dr. Kevin Vost returns to the Pat Flynn show to examine the thought--and thinking style--of one of the world's greater philosophers: St. Thomas Aquinas. 

In How to Think Like Aquinas (Dr. Vost's newest book) Vost and St. Thomas will teach you how to dissect logical fallacies, heresies, and half-truths that continue to pollute our world with muddy thinking. Best of all, you’ll find a fully-illustrated set of exercises to improve your intellectual powers of memory, understanding, logical reasoning, shrewdness, foresight, circumspection, and practical wisdom.

You’ll also learn:

  • The four steps to training your memory
  • How to know your mental powers – and their limits
  • Why critical thinking alone is insufficient for reaching the truth
  • Twenty common fallacies – and how to spot them
  • The key to effectively reading any book
  • How to set your intellect free by avoiding worldly entanglements
  • How to commit key truths to memory

Enjoy the episode, then be sure to grab your copy of How to Think Like Aquinas HERE: