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The Pat Flynn Show

Aug 19, 2018

Strong ON! coach and community leader Sat Sangat has recently launched a podcast called Live Out Loud (see description and links below), and I (Pat) was honored to be one of her initial guests.

In this interview, I had the opportunity to share my history of anxiety growing up (along with periods of depression), what I've done to find my way out, and what I learned along the way. I hope you enjoy this, and my hope is if you've ever struggled with anxiety yourself, you'll really get something out of it. 


Show Notes:

Pat Flynn candidly discusses his almost life-long personal struggle with extreme anxiety with Sat Sangat Khalsa.  In this episode, he specifically shares the exact methods and mindset that helped him to overcome the sometimes crippling anxiety that he endured for decades. He even shares the surprising blessing that anxiety brought to his life.  In his minimalistic approach, Pat gives simple, actionable advice that anyone who suffers from anxiety can benefit from.

About Live Out Loud, by Sat Sangat

Live Out Loud is for busy people who don't want to let anxiety, stress, and the pressures of the world keep them from reaching their fullest potential. Using easy-to-learn and effective tools from meditation, fitness, self-care, creative living and more, you'll discover how to live free from anxiety. And, you'll also discover how to take your passion and share it in the world. You'll hear from guests who have overcome anxiety and depression and who are doing just that...letting their voices be heard AND making the world a better place. In addition, top experts will share tips and tools from several disciplines so that regardless of how anxiety and stress are affecting your life, you will learn how to overcome them!

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