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The Pat Flynn Show

Dec 14, 2019

Pat and Aleks discuss the critical importance of finding mentors and coaches.


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Dec 13, 2019

Recently Pat Flynn (hey, that's me!) was invited on the Engearment podcast to talk everything including including why Aleks loves Robitussin, what it’s like podcasting with Dan John, generalism and fitness, why it’s cool to name animals after humans (like Kevin), writing, religion, creativity, and a bunch of other...

Dec 12, 2019

Pat and Dan talk about the 10,000 swings challenge, forgiveness, and more. 


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New eBook: Introduction to Kettlebells – Just $1 on Amazon!

Recently, I wrote a short (read: 30 pages) eBook called Introduction to Kettlebells, which...

Dec 3, 2019

Dan and Pat discuss momentum and how to regain it (especially in fitness) after the holidays, living the resume life vs. the eulogy life, and whether winning the lottery is a blessing or a curse.  Also, listener questions.


Resume Building Versus Eulogy Building

By: Dan John

I had one of those odd things happen to...