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The Pat Flynn Show

Sep 24, 2017

Lou Schuler is an award winning journalist, co-author of The New Rules of Lifting series, fiction writer, and history buff.

I wanted to bring Lou onto the show because I've long admired his abilities behind a keyboard, and how he's been able to find success in unconventional ways, by combining skills that, from a view, appear unrelated. He's a great example of a generalist. Our discussion was as eclectic as I hoped it to be.

First, we talked about whether someone can lead a happy/productive/meaningful life in a state of delusion--what Lou calls Magical Thinking. (Short answer: Yes.).

But we also discussed how such gullibility presents grave danger if ever it attaches itself to something like believing your diet should be based on the length of your big toe.

We also talked on writing a bit, as well, and how Lou handles such impediments as writer's block. His response is as straightforward and as effective as it gets--classic Lou.

Lou also trotted out his Rule of 80%, which so far stands as the opening statement of my upcoming book: If you want to be happy in life, know what you want, and get 80% of it.

Listen in and we'll explain!