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The Pat Flynn Show

Oct 15, 2017

As much as I have loved all my podcast episodes, this one may be the most important. 

John Bair, strength coach, and business owner, joins me to discuss subjects that aren't talked about--or at least not talked about enough: Depression, anxiety, and so on.

This episode starts out on somber ground, as John and I open up about our struggles with (him) depression and (me) anxiety, but soon turns into an optimistic and hopeful discussion, as we outline the methods we've used for turning these disorders around. One of them, of course, being strength training. But we dive into meditation and a few other strategies, as well. 

If you've ever struggled with depression or anxiety, our hope is this episode beams a ray of optimism, shows there is a way out of this, and that you can take control (and eventually overcome) these disorders with the right practice and approach, and the right community.  

Or, even if you've never struggle depression or anxiety, it's likely you know someone who has, so we do our best to take that into account, and give a perspective for people in support roles, as well.

Please share this episode. It couldn't be more important.