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The Pat Flynn Show

Jun 16, 2019

Pat is joined by two Catholic Scientists -- Dr. Michael Behe and Dr. Stacy Trascancos -- to discuss and debate the theory of intelligent design.

In this conversation:

  • What does Intelligent Design (ID) actually say about the theory of evolution? Is ID an argument from ignorance, or an inference to the best explanation?
  • At what level is design obvious in nature? Is ID too narrow, or telling of something much greater?
  • Can you settle the matter of design (or no design) apart from evolution?
  • How do we best explain the irreducibly complex structures and genetic codes we've discovered in life? Can Neo-Darwinian processes account for this?
  • What does "random" or "unguided" mean with respect to natural selection?

Show Notes and Resources:


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The Pat Flynn Show

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