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The Pat Flynn Show

Apr 26, 2020

This one is definitely for all you Bible Geeks! Philosopher and author Lydia McGrew joins The Pat Flynn show to discuss her new book The Mirror or The Mask: Liberating the Gospels from Literary Devices, where Lydia rigorously argues for the case that the authors of the gospels are careful, honest reports who simply "tell it like it is." In other words, that the authors of the gospels were 1) genuinely concerned with reporting the actual truth, and 2) highly successful at doing so. Please enjoy as Lydia presents all the fascinating evidence in support of her "reportage model" -- from undesigned coincidences to unified personalities, and more -- while offering responses to skeptics such as Bart Ehrman. 

PS - Shortly after I recorded this interview with Lydia, Matt Fradd interviewed Dr. Mike Licona on the historical case for the resurrection. While both Lydia and Licona agree on the resurrection being a real, historical event, they disagree on just *how* reliable the gospels are; disagreements which Lydia contends are not insignificant. For those interested, please watch the Matt Fradd interview, then read Lydia's written response here

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