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The Pat Flynn Show

May 5, 2019

Pat is joined on the podcast by his longtime friend Aaron to discuss and (civilly) debate the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism. Pat takes the Catholic side, Aaron comes from the perspective of a non-demoninational Evangelical. The topics hit upon are quite diverse, and include:

  • The authority and interpretation of Scripture; most importantly: Is Scripture the only authority? Or is Scripture just an authority? How do we know?
  • What the Catholic Church is, and isn't.
  • Pat's reasons for  leaving Protestantism and becoming Catholic, and Aaron's responses.
  • A discussion of the Church fathers and what they believed.
  • What does faith really mean, and how can it be justified?
  • The Catholic vs Protestant view of Salvation.
  • How each side addresses the Problem of Evil.

The gentleman even begin with some thoughts on Jordan Peterson and how he seems to effectively be serving as a bridge to religion for a many people, even if both Aaron and Pat would disagree with a certain number of his theological viewpoints, which are also discussed.

Please enjoy!

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