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The Pat Flynn Show

Jun 2, 2019

Stephen Barr PhD returns to the Pat Flynn show to talk about the intersection of science (particularly physics) and classical theism.

In this episode:

  • Why is there a universe at all? Can science answer this question, or do we need religion?
  • Does God offer explanatory power? Can God help us make sense of things that we can't otherwise? And what about flying spaghetti monsters? Because why not.
  • How "anthropic coincidences" point strongly to a cosmic designer.
  • Is everything *just* physics? Or is there more to the world than what physics can tell us?
  • And does atheism (specifically physicalism) reduce to absurdity? 
  • Are miracles problematic with the laws of nature?

Ask a Physicist Giveaway!

I'm giving away copies of Dr. Barr's book Modern Physics and Ancient Faith and The Believing Scientist.

To win, just 1) share this episode and 2) comment below with a topic or question you'd like to hear discussed the next time Dr. Barr joins the podcast. 

Deadline: I'll select the winners Friday, June 7th. 


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