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The Pat Flynn Show

Dec 28, 2019

Pat and Aleks offer practical programming tips for increasing pull up numbers & strength. 


New eBook: Introduction to Kettlebells – Just $1 on Amazon!

Recently, I wrote a short (read: 30 pages) eBook called Introduction to Kettlebells, which is now available on Amazon for a whopping — brace yourself! — $1.

You can snag it here ==>

Short story: Introduction to Kettlebells is a quick and dirty reference guide to the core single kettlebell techniques — exercises like the swing, snatch, clean, get up, squat, etc — and a simple, 7-day training cycle for getting strong and tough.

Inside the eBook are instructional pointers, pictures of each technique, and links to video tutorials. Finally, a simple and straightforward collection of workouts for improving general physical preparedness with just one kettlebell.

While this eBook is aimed at beginners, I think even veterans will get something out of it, since it’s always good to brush up on technique and return to basics.

Grab Introduction to Kettlebells
and get a FREE collection of kettlebell Complexes

Step 1) Click here ==> to snag the book on Amazon for just $1.

Step 2) Read the book (shouldn’t take long, it’s only 30 pages), then — so long as you feel it’s worthy — please leave a 5-star review on Amazon to help spread the word. (Positive reviews really help introduce new people to the book, which is the whole reason I wrote this.)

Step 3) Email  a screenshot of that review to PatFlynn(at)ChroniclesOfStrength(dot)com with the subject line “review”, and we’ll send you a bonus collection kettlebell complexes to supplement the eBook, absolutely free.

Note: this bonus collection of workouts features some of my all time personal favorite complexes for burning maximum calories in minimum time. You’ll love to hate them. Promise.

The Pat Flynn Show

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