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The Pat Flynn Show

Jul 3, 2019

Dan and Pat talk about how to not lose your house key, secrets to elite performance, ways to improve workout recovery, how to add deadlifting to kettlebell programs, the necessity of a good night's sleep (and how to get one), and more!


Giveaway Time!

For a chance tow in a copy of Dan's book, a copy of Pat's book, a T-shirt, AND the opportunity to join Dan and Pat LIVE on a future episode of the podcast, simply

1) send your podcast questions (all topics welcome, from fitness, theology, writing, business, etc) in to PatFlynn(at)ChroniclesOfStrength(Dot)com with the subject line of "podcast question."


2) If we choose your question this week, you'll be one of our lucky winners!

Deadline: Monday, July 8th at Midnight.


The Pat Flynn Show

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