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The Pat Flynn Show

Oct 30, 2020

This podcast features a friendly, but spirited debate between Dr. Michael Behe and Dr. Joshua Swamidass over intelligent design, especially as it relates to the notion of "irreducible complexity" and the challenge this poses (as Dr. Behe would argue) to modern evolutionary theory. Dr. Behe is the recent author of Darwin Devolves, to which Dr. Swamidass (author of The Genealogical Adam and Eve) has responded to critically here. Behe’s own responses can be found here.

Previously, I’ve had Mike on to debate Dr. Stacy Trasancos and to field objections from John DeRosa and myself.

Mentioned Resources/Articles

Darwin's Black Box and Darwin Devolves

The Genealogical Adam and Eve

Paul Draper's criticism of irreducible complexity here

Behe's response to Draper's criticism here

The Pat Flynn Show

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