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The Pat Flynn Show

May 1, 2019

Dan John is back with his weekly appearance on the Pat Flynn show, this time to discuss:

  • How to establish "shark habits" (one bite, and it's done!) for everything.
  • How specifically shark habits apply to fitness, finance, and faith. 
  • Advice making new friends and making friends count. 
  • Why everybody needs to listen to Earl Nightingale.
  • Tips for improving testosterone/optimizing hormones.
  • Why being friendly is good and nice. 


Assignment: Come up with your own 5-point "Pirate Map" (that is, 5 specific things you're going to do everyday to reach a particular goal) and email that to PatFlynn(At)ChroniclesOfStrength(Dot)com with the subject line of "podcast."

We'll select three of our favorite submissions next week to win:

A copy of Dan's new book, 40 Years with a Whistle, and...

A copy of Pat's new book, How to Be Better at (Almost) Anything.