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The Pat Flynn Show

Apr 25, 2020

Dr. Kerr returns to The Pat Flynn show to answer listener questions on everything from the ethics of heavy metal, pascal's wager, the existence of God, divine simplicity, the right to self-defense, Catholicism vs Eastern Orthodoxy, how to study like a professional philosopher, and more!

About Dr. Kerr

Gaven Kerr is a Thomist from Belfast, Northern Ireland, a married father of three, and a Third Order Dominican. He teaches theology at Mary Immaculate College Limerick. He has focused on philosophy and theology throughout his student days and into his academic career, in particular the thought of St Thomas Aquinas. He defends Aquinas’s thought within a contemporary context, and by means of that thought he engages with the other non-Thomist traditions.

On a more personal note, Dr. Kerr is a thoroughgoing metal head, martial arts enthusiast, and tattoo aficionado. His newest book is Aquinas and the Metaphysics of Creation.

Dr. Kerr's previous book Aquinas's Way to God is also available on Amazon.

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