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The Pat Flynn Show

Nov 4, 2018

It's an age old question--some would say an age old myth--but let's be fair in asking it: Are science and religion fundamentally at odds? Well, I suppose that depends on who you ask. But at least one theoretical physicist (enter Stephen Barr) says no--no they most certainly are not. Not only are religion and science not at odds, suggests Barr, but there is deep and important consonance between the two, when each is properly understood.

In this episode:

  • Does physics tell us everything we need to know about ourselves, and the world?
  • Has physics eliminated the need for God?
  • What is the real history of the Catholic Church and its approach to science?
  • What about miracles? Don't miracles violate the laws of physics?
  • Do humans really have freewill? Or is everything we do determined by the laws of nature?
  • Can theism provide the proper philosophical background for understanding science?

Show Notes and Mentioned Resources

The Society of Catholic Scientists

Modern Physics and Ancient Faith

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