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The Pat Flynn Show

Dec 7, 2018

Dan John returns to The Pat Flynn show to talk us through his 10 Commandments of Coaching, while offering a sneak peek at his upcoming book 40 Years with a Whistle. 

  • Constant Assessment
  • Constant Upgrading
  • Ignore Perfect
  • This Isn't Moral Theology
  • Everything Works (for about six weeks...)
  • Achieving a Goal vs. Achieving Success
  • After the Peak is the Cliff
  • Self Discipline is a Finite Resource
  • Fundamentals Trump Everything Else
  • Take a Moment to Appreciate Those Who've Come Before


Show Notes and Resources

My first favorite Dan John book is Intervention.

My other first favorite Dan John books is Can You Go.

And my third first favorite Dan John book is Now What?

Dan John on Measuring What Matters (Dan's first appearance on The Pat Flynn Show)


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