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The Pat Flynn Show

Aug 9, 2018

Pat talks about two very important fitness philosophies: Generalism, or being better than most people, at most things, even if you aren't the best at any one; and minimalism, which is doing the least you need to reach the goal at hand. 

Generalism teaches that hard-core specialization is not only a waste of time for the majority of people, but may even lead to serious, negative consequences. Better in almost every instance to focus on maximizing general physical preparedness, over specific physical preparedness. 

Minimalism, on the other hand, gets you to focus on pulling all the unnecessary clutter out of your fitness program; to marry effectiveness (doing the right things) to efficiency (doing things right) in all things. 

These are the informing philosophies and principles of Strong ON!, and the better you know them, the more clarity you'll have on not only what goals make sense, but also how to get there. 

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