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The Pat Flynn Show

Jul 13, 2018

Episode 148: Minimalism 101 - The How, What, and Why

There's a lot of talk about minimalism these days,  but what does it really mean? Is minimalism disavowing yourself of possessions, selling your home, and living out of a backpack?

Well, not exactly. At least, that's not the way most people should think about it.

Rather, minimalism is the cross-section between effectiveness (doing the right things), on the one hand, and efficiency (doing things right), on the other. Said another way, minimalism is about identifying the most economical path to your goals; it's doing the very least you need to get a job done, and not a smidgeon more. 

In this episode, Pat talks about how to use minimalism as an orientation device (or a method/process) for figuring out the very best way to your goals. Hint: It may often mean doing a lot more work than you might have thought. Minimalism =/= being lazy. 


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