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The Pat Flynn Show

Jul 7, 2018

Often it has been said the notion of a "body transformation" presents a moral challenge: On the one hand, the very idea seems to suggest that we're not quite enough. On the other, it seems that everyone in the industry is trying to win customers by making these challenges all the more ridiculous and extreme--to the point that they're not even healthy; they're just obnoxious (if not outright dangerous!).

So, what are we to make of this? 

Well, it may seem cliche, but when presented with a moral dilemma, I go straight for a priest. Lucky enough, I happen to know just the one: Father Steve Grunow, CEO of Word On Fire, himself a bodybuilder and fitness buff. 

On this episode, Father Steve and I discuss: 

  • Why it is that we can never attain complete happiness by reaching a certain number on the scale?
  • How to find the right orientation in fitness and life: One that will allow you to pursue your fitness goals while maintaining a healthy relationship with your body. 
  • The spiritual corollaries to establishing a healthy body image, and why we need them. 
  • Why fitness challenges aren't necessarily a bad thing, and how to go about them safely and sustainable.
  • And more!

This episode couldn't be more important. So many people struggle with body image and feeling like they're not enough. I can tell you this: You are enough. And there is a way to marry the pursuit of excellence without getting down on yourself, which is what this episode is all about. 

Enjoy, and if you can think of anybody who might benefit from hearing this, please share. 


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